What Are Some Fun Spanish Games for Children?


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Some fun board and card games that assist in teaching kids Spanish include the following: “¡Dígame! Spanish Learning Card Game,” “Dice Off: Learn Spanish for Kids” charades, and Spanish bingo. Online Spanish games are plentiful, as well.

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"¡Dígame! Spanish Learning Card Game" immerses children in Spanish immediately. The game suggests that one person with at least a basic knowledge of Spanish be included in the game, but that isn't absolutely necessary. "Dice Off: Learn Spanish for Kids” is excellent at cementing vocabulary words into the brain in a fun and creative manner. Like Bingo? Many English games, such as Bingo, Monopoly, Apples to Apples and Banana Grams are easy to find in Spanish and are typically familiar to kids.To play Spanish charades, write down a bunch of Spanish verbs on cards and have each player take turns drawing a card and acting out the action, such as walking, running and buying.

Rockalingua offers numerous fast-paced and fun games. Many of the games include two options. For example, in the color game, the player chooses to either match the color blue with the spelled-out word for "blue" in Spanish, or to type it into a box as a little blue creature goes by on a bicycle.

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