What Are Some Fun Science Games for Third Graders?

A few fun science games for children in third grade include cosmic bowling, plant respiration and making balloons stick to the wall. A treasure hunt with a compass is also a good game.

Cosmic bowling is an online game for children of nine or 10 years of age. The game requires the player to release a bowling ball when the power indicator is at the maximum, with good strikes leading to stars being created that then join to form constellations. There is a lot of teaching, and the game gets young learners familiar with the stars and constellations. A treasure hunt with clues that involve the four directions is a good game to teach observation and map reading skills.

Children learn about plant respiration with a game that requires just a few plants and some zippered plastic bags. They have to slip the bags over a leafy branch of the plant and zip it up as fully as possible. After about an hour, the children can see the tiny water droplets inside the bag that are an indicator of plant respiration. Static electricity is demonstrated by gently rubbing an inflated balloon with a wool cloth to create a negative charge. Before the charge wears off, the balloon sticks to surfaces such as walls and refrigerator doors.