What Are Some Fun Printing Activities for Children?

Some fun printmaking activities for children include leaf and flower printing, moon printing and using common items as stamps with different paints and inks for variety. Using different transfer techniques and materials to print allows kids to try out different effects and adds some playful variety to the printmaking activity.

The leaf and flower printing activity requires the use of fabric paint, a small paint roller, a plate and scrap paper. In this process, the child pushes the roller through some fabric paint on the plate before using it to cover one side of a leaf completely. Finally, the child places the leaf firmly on paper or fabric with the paint-side down, and lifting the leaf reveals the print.

Making moon prints with kids requires using the bottom of a baking dish, a small paint roller, tempera paint or printing ink, cotton swabs, and paper. Children then use a small roller to paint an even thin layer of paint on the bottom of the baking dish before using cotton swabs to draw through the wet paint and create a design. Then, they press paper onto the design on the baking dish to create the print once they lift the paper.

Children can also use paint and small rollers to paint objects such as cut potatoes, apples and toilet paper rolls to use them as stamps. Then, they use these painted stamps to press on cards or paper to create printed art.