What Are Some Fun Presentation Topics?

Informative and fun presentation topics include the history of comic books, a biography of a famous actor or musician, a description of life in another country and an overview of the Seven Wonders of the World. Students can also present how-to topics that are fun, such as how to make a pizza, how to drive a stick-shift vehicle or how to shoot a basketball.

Fun presentation topics also include the history of the school the student attends or the city in which the student lives, unknown roadside attractions, the origins of amusement parks or sports stadiums, and key phrases in a foreign language. Students interested in electronics could present on the evolution of video games, the features of a tablet or computer program, or the basics of creating a website.

Students presenting topics in high school or college could provide an interactive presentation on how to write a resume, what not to do during a job interview or the basics of time management by acting out strategies or providing visuals that are humorous on a projector. Presentations can also relate to the course curriculum, such as discussing the latest discoveries in astronomy in a science class or presenting how to knit a sweater in a home economics course.