What Are Some Fun Preschool Science Activities?

What Are Some Fun Preschool Science Activities?

Fun preschool science activities include sensory walks, dying flowers with tinted water, growing seeds and mixing colors. Preschoolers learn scientific concepts through hands-on science activities.

During a sensory walk, preschoolers use their senses to observe the world around them. They listen for sounds, use their sight to notice details and smell odors. They can touch surfaces on the walk to feel the different textures. The walk can go both indoors and outdoors to observe a variety of things.

Tinting flowers shows how plants suck water up through the stem. White carnations work well for this activity. The kids add a few drops of food coloring to the water and put the flowers in it. Over time, the white petals become the color that was added to the water.

Growing plants is a long-term project for preschoolers. Start with seeds from several different plants. The preschoolers observe the seeds and guess what might grow from each one. The kids observe the plant as it starts sprouting and continues growing. The plants can be transplanted outdoors once they grow large enough.

An art project on mixing colors doubles as a science experiment. The preschoolers start with red, blue and yellow paint. They mix together different combinations to see what happens. Another option is to call out two colors and have the kids guess what they make when combined. Have the kids actually combine the colors to see if the guesses were correct.