What Are Some Fun Names for a Girls' Softball Team?

Fun softball team names for girls include "Ponytail Express," "Infield Diamonds," "Pink Sox," "Queen Bees" and "Pitching Beauties." FunnyTeamNames.com, MyYouthBaseball.com, Buzzle.com and EastvaleGirlsSoftball.com provide lists of team name suggestions.

FunnyTeamNames.com is an online source for funny team names for sports, charity events, fitness challenges, fantasy teams and more. Funny softball team names it provides are "Kiss My Boots," "Diamonds and Tiaras," "Base Invaders," "Dolls With Balls" and "Brokeback Mountain." MyYouthBaseball.com offers "Ball Breakers," "Victorious Secret," "Diamond Divas," "Fire Breathing Kittens" and "Blood Bath & Beyond" as softball team name ideas.

Buzzle.com suggestions include "Thunder Bunnies," "Sweet Sluggers," "The Soft Divas," "The Pink Beauties" and "Team Gold Dust." It also provides slow-pitch softball hitting tips, ASA softball rules, softball field dimensions and softball positions. EastvaleGirlsSoftball.com provides softball team name ideas, cheers, fun facts, quotes and jokes.