What Are Some Fun Middle School Science Fair Projects?


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One idea for a fun middle school science project is investigating which ratio of vinegar to baking soda produces the best chemical volcano eruption. Other ideas include examining whether different brands of soda spew the same amount when shaken equally, whether different brands of potato chips are equally greasy and whether different types of bread grow different types of mold.

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What Are Some Fun Middle School Science Fair Projects?
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The chemical volcano is a common middle school science project, and examining the most explosive chemical proportions allows students to observe volcanic eruptions repeatedly. Students can hypothesize about the most effective ratios and record data based on different test proportions. They can also record observations on the resulting eruptions.

Examining whether different sodas create more forceful explosions when shaken up also allows for fun while simultaneously teaching students scientific fundamentals. Students performing this experiment must figure out how to ensure cans are equally shaken and how to measure the resulting explosions effectively.

Comparing the greasiness of different brands of potato chips gives students another opportunity to perform scientific investigation that's also quirky and fun. Students can hypothesize about which brands contain more grease and determine an effective method of measuring greasiness.

Examining mold growth on bread is another whimsical project idea that allows students to hypothesize, observe and record data.

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