What Are Some Fun Language Arts Activities for the Letter G?


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Fun activities that teach children about the letter G are making green glitter Gs, having a G scavenger hunt and playing a G movement game. These activities teach children to recognize a G and the sound a G makes, and expands their G vocabulary.

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To make a green glitter G, trace a large G onto construction paper and cut it out. Have the child cover the letter, or make a pattern, with glue. Let the child sprinkle green glitter onto the letter and allow to dry.

To have a G scavenger hunt, hide items that begin with the letter G around the hunt area. Use items such as guitars, gloves and glasses. You can also incorporate larger items, such as a garden or gate. Have the child search the area and find as many G words as he can.

To play a G movement game, tell the child to act like a G character, such as a gorilla, ghost, giant or gardener. Another variation is to have the child pretend to be a growling bear saying "grrrr."

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