What Are Some Fun IXL First Grade Math Activities?

What Are Some Fun IXL First Grade Math Activities?

"Geometry of everyday objects," "more, less and equally likely," "times of everyday events" and "comparison word problems" are some fun first grade math activities from IXL. The website features a variety of math practice activities that cover 180 first grade concepts, including addition, subtraction, number patterns, money and measurement.

In "geometry of everyday objects," first graders choose items that match various three-dimensional shapes, such as spheres and cones.

"More, less and equally likely" allows students to practice basic probability skills using images of colored spinners or marbles. The child must choose the color that is more or less likely to be selected, depending on the wording of the question.

"Times of everyday events" is a fun time-telling activity for first graders. Students must select the correct analog clock to illustrate the time someone comes home from work, eats breakfast or prepares for a similar activity.

First graders can demonstrate their critical thinking skills in "comparison word problems". Some word problems compare the quantities of two items and ask the student to select the one with the most or least, while others give one number and a comparison word and allow the child to select an appropriate second number.

IXL activities are scored automatically. Parents and teachers can purchase an IXL membership to access progress reports and unlimited practice sessions.