What Are Some Fun Ideas for a PowerPoint Presentation?

Some ideas for PowerPoint presentations include recycling and its impact, how to delivering an engaging presentation and the use of PowerPoint in education. These ideas allow for subject matter and presentation tactics that fall outside the norm, creating more interest for viewers.

A presentation on recycling and its environmental impact is both relevant and interesting to viewers, as long as it is presented in an engaging manner. Recycling is a worthwhile topic due to its importance as a modern issue as well as its relatable nature. Presenting facts about the average amount of waste created by individual humans and its effect on the environment can both engage viewers as well as cause them to rethink their own behavior.

A self-referential presentation about how to avoid bad presentations can be both humorous and interesting to viewers. The slides themselves can work to demonstrate the ideas they express, such as a slide on engaging design that is arranged in an interesting way.

In a similar vein, a PowerPoint about potential uses for PowerPoint as a teaching tool can offers viewers a dose of self-referential education and entertainment. The presentation might skew the conventional uses of PowerPoint in the classroom while simultaneously presenting engaging new ideas.