What Are Some Fun, Educational Games to Play?


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Fun, educational games include the "Prodigy" math game, "Curious George Hide and Seek," "Math Baseball," "Space Slingshot" and "Cut It." DreamBox Learning, First In Math, Prodigy, PBS Kids and Fun Brain are among the providers of digital math games for kids, and many of the games are free to play.

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The "Prodigy" math game is free to play for those with a website account. The activities teach 900 math skills for first through eighth grades, and the program tracks individual student progress and ability levels, allowing students to learn at their own paces. PBS Kid's math games include "Curious George Hide and Seek," "Freddy's Carnival Games" and "Can You Help Bert Clean Up?" These games teach basic math skills such as number/object correspondence, greater and lesser amounts and number recognition.

Fun Brain has a math arcade with games such as "Math Baseball," "Space Fractions" and "Cut It." "Math Baseball" teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills within the context of baseball. "Space Fractions" teaches fractions and "Cut It" teaches addition and other basic skills.

DreamBox Learning and First In Math both offer several math activities and games that offer individualized learning pathways for students. First In Math also has bonus games that students can access after completing other assignments.

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