What are some fun and easy science experiments for kids?


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Some of the most common examples of fun and easy science experiments for kids are making a prism out of a cup of water, rolling a can with static electricity and cleaning pennies with vinegar. Examples of these experiments and others can be found at many science-based educational websites.

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What are some fun and easy science experiments for kids?
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Websites such as Science Bob, Science Kids and Scholastic all offer step-by-step instructions and explanations of the science behind many of the most common basic science experiments. Some of these examples also include videos to offer visual aid.

These experiments and many others are conducted using very few common household items. Exploring common scientific themes often requires only containers, water and a few additives, such as vinegar and baking soda. Other times, balloons and string or batteries and wire are used. Specialized equipment or supplies, such as protective gear and dry ice, are rarely necessary for these kid-friendly experiments.

When choosing the proper experiment, it is important to pick something age appropriate for the children involved. Some experiments, such as building model rockets, activities that require heating, and anything involving strong acids are not appropriate for young children. All experiments need proper adult supervision to ensure the safety of the children involved.

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