What Are Some Fun Computer Lab Activities?


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Some fun computer lab activates include typing games such as "Dance Mat Typing," "Type Rocket" or "Key Racer" that help students strengthen touch typing skills through various video game scenarios. Other activities include educational games such as "Story Starters," "Clean Up Grammar at the Beach" and "The Oregon Trail."

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What Are Some Fun Computer Lab Activities?
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The purpose behind many computer lab activities is to help children in primary school gain an increased familiarity with computer usage and basic concepts, with the challenge and skills increasing over time. One of the most common type of activity is the typing program, which may appear as either a standalone instructional system that tasks students with typing words and phrases on screen or as an interactive game. Many of the typing games using visually engaging graphics and employ typing as the main gameplay mechanic, causing such actions as moving a character through a race, making a character dance or creating colorful explosions, These games allow children to become comfortable with touch typing and promote positive associations with the process.

Many other computer lab activities consist of educational games dispersed between the typing games. Such games reinforce different concepts from concurrent lessons outside of the lab as well as teach basic logic and reasoning skills. For example, the game "The Oregon Trail" teaches students about the hardships of early American settlers, such as fording rivers, along with the idea of resource management.

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