What Are Some Fun Coloring Pages for Teaching Kids the Alphabet?


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A collection of coloring pages designed to aid children in learning uppercase, lowercase and cursive letters is available on Coloring.ws. KidsLearningStation.com is another website that contains printable coloring pages and other alphabet-related sheets that are designed for teaching preschool-age children the alphabet.

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Alphabet-based educational work sheets organized into categories such as alphabet coloring pages, uppercase and lowercase letters worksheets and dot art alphabet sheets are available at KidsLearningStation.com. Kids' Learning Station also provides descriptions and instructions for the worksheets as well as curriculum suggestions for early childhood language acquisition. Coloring pages depicting individual letters of the alphabet and corresponding objects and animals are also available at Coloring.ws. The images on Coloring.ws include subjects such as alligators, bananas and cakes.

AllKidsNetwork.com has a collection of free, printable images depicting various animals such as tigers, bears and lions whose names correspond to the letters of the alphabet. The website also contains a series of coloring sheets that include non-animal objects such as apples and umbrellas. BogglesWorldESL.com provides an assortment of coloring pages that combine tracing, coloring and circling letters into one worksheet to teach kids about uppercase English letters. A similar set of coloring pages for lowercase letters is also available on the website.

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