What Are Some Fun Classroom Icebreakers?


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Some fun classroom icebreakers acquainted are Name That Person, Alphabetize Me and What Am I. Such games help students get acquainted with one another and promote a sense of camaraderie among classmates by allowing them to work together to problem solve.

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In Name That Person, students write two or three facts about themselves on a notecard. The teacher takes up the notecards and redistributes them throughout the room. Students take turns reading the facts on the notecard they receive, and the other students guess whose card it is.

The goal of Alphabetize Me is for all the students in the room to line up in alphabetical order by either their first or last name. In order to do this, the students must introduce themselves to one another and be in line within a set time limit.

In What An I, each student writes a noun on a sticky note. All students gather in a circle, and each student puts the sticky note on the forehead of the person to his right with the noun showing. The students take turns trying to guess the noun on their forehead by asking yes/no questions of the group.

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