What Is a Fun Activity to Do With a Bunch of College Students?

Playing sports is one fun thing college students can do, according to Yahoo! Voices. Attending events with guest speakers on campus is another choice for young people, along with going to parties.

Setting up movie nights is something else college students can do for fun, and Yahoo! Voices notes that students can borrow certain videos from the campus library for free. CBS Atlanta adds that various bars and clubs attract students through deals and offers in local towns.

11 Alive Atlanta mentions that campus clubs can attract students, particularly wacky and quirky clubs that do activities such as feeding squirrels or pretending to be zombies. Experts believe that college students who join campus clubs become more engaged in college life, in and outside of the classroom. These clubs also foster social ties, and certain clubs can enhance a student's learning experience.

Getting involved in the arts is a fun activity for college students, whether through watching performances or participating in an art or drama program. There are also art exhibits and poetry events that are accessible to everyone. Students can also join sororities or fraternities to connect with other students, and volunteering for community service is another option. There are often nearby churches that attract college students by hosting various social events like dances or ice cream parties.