What Fun Activities Can You Find by Signing in to Animal Jam?

Playing minigames, adopting pets, watching educational videos, meeting other kids and going on adventures are some fun activities children can enjoy by signing in to Animal Jam. In addition, the game provides players with their own in-game housing where they can host parties.

Animal Jam offers a variety of mini-games with different types of gameplay. For instance, the Four Gem mini-game has the player match gems of the same color, Jamaa Derby pits the player against others in horse racing and Sssssnake lets the player control his pet snake to eat mice while avoiding collision with its own body. Completing mini-game objectives award players with mostly gems and occasionally prizes.

Players can embark on adventures. Each adventure has a different story, goal and level of difficulty. Phantoms appear in all adventures and act as the antagonists. Players learn strategies and techniques on how to defeat phantoms at the training grounds. In addition, they can invite other players and form parties as they undertake adventures. Players learn about different real-world plants and animals as they explore the world of Jamaa.

Many features of Animal Jam are free to all users who sign up for an account. Paid members receive exclusive perks, such as weekly gifts and unrestricted access to accessories, avatars and other game elements.