How Does Work?

How Does Work? is the educational sector of that provides a collection of over 700 free educational games designed for children that are fun and easy to play. Friv does not require users to sign up and games can be selected from the tiles on the site's home page.

The free games available on are designed as learning tools for children, but appeal to people of all ages because they're fun and easy to play. Since Friv games use Flash player, they take a moment to load, but the graphics are better than on many other free gaming sites. One down side to Friv is that the games on the homepage become randomized each time a user visits the site, so it can be difficult to locate a previously played game to play it again.

The three top rated games on are First Day at School, Harry the Hamster and Game Over Gopher. First Day at School requires users to find their way to school and then interact with everyone from janitors to classmates. Harry the Hamster teaches children to count by requiring them to order numbered blocks to create a building. In Game Over Gopher, the user must feed carrots to a gopher by launching them from a cannon.