What Are Some French Girl Names?


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Some French girl names include Emma, Jade, Chloe, Sarah or Sara, Lea, Manon, Louna or Luna, Ines or Ynes, Lilou or Lylou and Camille, according to the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, or INSEE, in France. Many names are derived from words outside of the French language; for example, Emma has German, English and Norwegian origins.

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Emma's German root "ermen" means "universal" or "whole." It is also associated with Emma of Normandy, who brought it to England. In addition, the name Emma is also connected to the Austrian saint who was called Hemma. In literature, the name was used in Matthew Prior's poem "Henry and Emma" and by Jane Austen in her book "Emma." Sarah is a Biblical name that means "lady," "noblewoman" or "princess" in Hebrew. It is also the name of the wife of Abraham.

Additional feminine French names include Clara, Maelys, Zoe, Louise, Lola, Lina or Lyna, Lily, Lilly or Lili, Eva, Louane, Louanne or Lou-Anne and Lucie. The name Lili has French and Hungarian origins, and it is also derived from the German word "lilie," which means "lily." Lili is also used as a diminutive of the names Elizabeth, Julia and Karolina. The French name Jasmine originates from the Persian word Yasmeen, which is the name of a fragrant flower.

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