How Does the Freerice Grammar Quiz Work?


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The Freerice grammar quiz works by providing multiple-choice quizzes in different subjects, including geography, chemistry, humanities, math and sciences. It adjusts to the student's level, so if the student fails several questions, he goes to an easier level. However, if he passes three questions in a row, he goes to a harder level. Each correct answer adds 10 grains of rice to the student's bowl, and the program donates this rice to the needy.

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The Freerice database has a number of questions at different difficulty levels. It initially adjusts to the student's difficulty level by giving him a number of questions. The questions become more difficult as he answers them, and the results from this quiz determine the student's level. There are levels for beginners as well as levels suitable for professors.

To determine the difficulty level of a question, the program keeps track of the number of people who get a specific question wrong. Therefore, if a lot of people get a question right, it is considered easy. Questions that many people fail are considered difficult.

When a person selects an answer, it is sent to the Freerice servers, which determines if the answer is correct or wrong. If the answer is correct, it adds to the student's rice total. The rice in a student's virtual bowl represents actual rice that is donated by sponsors through the World Food Program to countries where there is chronic hunger, such as Cambodia, Haiti, Uganda and Nepal, as of 2016.

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