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Christopher Geno of Campus Explorer lists the names of several common fraternities, including: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu, Sigma Pi and Phi Beta Sigma. However, the names of these fraternities are often shortened to A E Pi, Kappa Sig, Pike, Sig Nu, Sig Pi and Sigma. Sig Nu members are often called Knights, as well.

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Geno explains that the name of every local, national and international fraternity is made up of two to three Greek letters. The nicknames fraternities adopt come from initials, such as A E Pi or abbreviations, such as Sig Pi. Other frat nicknames include a single word derived from the sound of the Greek letters, such as Pike.

According to U.S. News, fraternities are popular organizations on college campuses across the United States. The word fraternity means brotherhood, which signifies the basis of the organizations: brotherhood and friendship. Undergraduate college students pledge, or join, fraternities to make new friends, create important contacts and become active in campus social life.

Fraternities are often centered around specific interests that include civic service, religious devotion, academic ambition and social enjoyment. While there are many benefits to being part of a fraternity, U.S. News also warns potential pledges about the negatives. Fraternities typically require fees, including recruitment and housing fees, which add up over the semesters. This adds a potentially large cost on top of school tuition.

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