What Are Some Fourth Grade Spelling Words?


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Examples of spelling words fourth graders may encounter include "garbage," "follow," "whenever," "furniture" and "hopefully." Other fourth grade spelling words include "thieves," "chief," "badge," "charge" and "bridge." The words "coach," "hatch," "device," "players'" and "horse's" are some other common fourth grade spelling terms.

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There are several spelling rules that can help fourth graders master the types of spelling words they are likely to encounter. One such rule states that the ending "-dge" usually follows single, short vowels in single-syllable words, such as in the words "judge" and "badge." Meanwhile, most other words that end with soft "j" sounds have the ending "-ge," as is the case with the word "charge."

Fourth graders must be familiar with the rules for making singular words plural. While most words become plural by simply adding "-s," students must add "-es" to make words ending in "-s," "-ch," "-sh" or "-x" plural. An example is the word "coach," which becomes "coaches."

Another helpful spelling rule for fourth grades is that they should add an apostrophe and "-s" to make a noun possessive if it does not end in "-s," whereas a single apostrophe makes most nouns that end in "-s" possessive. For example, the possessive form of the noun "players" is "players'." Meanwhile, the word "horse" becomes "horse's" in its possessive form.

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