What Are Some Fourth Grade Math Problems?

What Are Some Fourth Grade Math Problems?

Fourth grade is when students begin working on more complicated math calculations than simple addition, subtraction and multiplication. For this age group, the math curriculum includes problems with adding and subtracting decimals and rounding numbers. Fourth graders also work on converting units of measurement, such as 34 mm = ___ cm ____ mm and 62 oz. = ___ lb. ___ oz.

According to Math-Play, other topics that fourth graders begin learning include finding the common denominator of fractions, interpreting simple graphs and calculating area and perimeter.

The Homeschool Math website offers many practice problems and worksheets for fourth grade. Some examples of the types of problems found on this site are adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, such as 2/100 + 5/10, rounding a number to the nearest 10 or 100 and finding all the factors of two given numbers.

Students can work on easy, medium or hard levels, depending on their ability to solve problems. They can repeat challenging concepts until they feel comfortable moving up to more difficult levels.

Fourth graders also review topics covered in third grade math, and they continue to work on their multiplication tables so that they do not forget the information they have memorized.