What Is the Format for a Special Occasion Speech?

The format for a special occasion speech begins with an introduction addressing the target audience and containing one idea that carries throughout the body of the speech. The speech continues with at least three points supporting the main idea. Next, the main point is restated, and then the conclusion follows.

In the introduction, speak to the target audience, and introduce the main point of the speech. For example, start a valedictorian speech at a graduation ceremony with a phrase such as "Fellow graduates, this is only the beginning." The main idea is specific enough to give examples, but general enough to say everything you hope to communicate to the audience.

The body of the speech contains supporting information. Each point is evidence that the main point is true, but is also unique from the other points mentioned. Include personal experience, societal sources or literature to support each point. Once the body is written, restate the main idea, adding a summary of each point. End with a conclusion that states how you personally intend to use or relate to the information going forward.

Use appropriate language, depending on the setting. Practice the speech aloud, and with another person listening, to ensure the message is clear and effective. Mention the secondary audience, if necessary, such as thanking parents, teachers, coaches and administrators at a graduation ceremony.