What format should you use for a narrative report?


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A chronological order format should be used when writing a narrative report. The narrative report, also referred to as a narrative essay, should tell a story and include an introduction, plot, characters, scenes or settings, a climax and a conclusion.

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The narrative report should have a guiding principle or thesis that immediately identifies the topic of the story and sets the focus for the piece. Writers often begin with the first event that sets the scene or introduces how the story or event began and follow a chronological order format throughout. Purdue's Online Writing Lab notes that the key to a successful introduction in a narrative report is to have a "hook" or interesting element to capture the reader's attention.

Once the focus and introduction is written, continue with the events of the story while adding vivid details, descriptions and examples to illustrate the narrative. The narrative report should have a climactic moment near the end of the piece that provides a resolution to the building plot. Once the resolution is established, a conclusion that summarizes the primary lesson, solution or moral of the story should be revealed. The conclusion may also detail what the writer learned from the experience.

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