How Do You Format a Short Autobiography?


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To write a brief autobiography, begin my stating your name, what you do for a living and some of your skills. In the body of your autobiography, elaborate on your work and achievements. The closing needs to be a brief reminder of who you are, according to AbleStable.com.

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Begin your autobiography with a hook to attract your reader. Also, be sure it includes your name and occupation. Be simple and to the point without using a lot of business speak or clichés. The reader wants to know about you in a straightforward manner.

The next paragraph or two details your business accolades but does not list every single job you ever had. Keep your audience in mind, and stick to only those occupations you have had that relate. Think about the main skills you learned in these jobs and any sort of awards you received, and list three or four related jobs. If your audience is interested in your personal life, mention a little about your family, your hobbies and your goals.

The closing paragraph of your autobiography needs to leave a lasting impression. Mention goals you are working on now and what you hope to accomplish in your career.

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