What Is the Format of Prentice Hall Tests?


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Both of the Pearson Prentice Hall self-tests available to students, as well as the chapter tests for teachers, are in multiple-choice format. These tests, along with several other online resources for students and teachers, are available on PHSchool.com, as of 2015.

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There are Pearson Prentice Hall multiple-choice tests for a wide range of science, math, language arts, social studies and world language subjects, such as biology, algebra, geometry, short stories and Spanish. A multiple-choice question on an algebra test may consist of a simple equation, such as "2x - 14 = 6. Which of the following is the value of x?" Algebra questions can also appear on the tests in the form of word problems, such as "If Amy is double John's age, and the variable j stands for John's age, which equation is representative of Amy's age two years from now?"

An example of the type of question students can expect to see on a test about the short story "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" is, "What was the character Jason's reason for sneaking into the Grimes Buildings after 5 p.m.?"

In addition to multiple-choice tests, the Pearson Prentice Hall website provides students and teachers with supplemental resources for each subject matter, including Internet activities and additional questions related to the material. Teachers can use these questions to foster discussion in the classroom, or students can use them as a study resource.

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