How Do You Format a Personal Statement?

How Do You Format a Personal Statement?

To format a personal statement, check the personal statement guidelines for the school to which you are applying. Decide whether your statement will be submitted electronically or via mail, and format accordingly. In general, begin with an introduction, write supporting paragraphs and then a conclusion.

  1. Read personal statement guidelines

    Note the word or character count and any requirements for content. For example, one school may ask for a specific word count range and may provide information on how it envisions a personal statement. Some schools also give specific questions for a personal statement to answer.

  2. Outline your personal statement and write a first draft

    Brainstorm for introductory hooks, stories, jokes and anecdotes. List notable projects or activities you have been involved in. Refer to yourself as "I," but do not start every sentence with it. Check that the statement has one overarching theme.

  3. Polish the statement

    Keep each paragraph focused on a single topic or theme that ties into the greater idea. Provide dates for activities and details for assertions where necessary. Ensure you have an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.

  4. Revise and edit

    Check for grammar, flow and other considerations. Have other people read your statement as well. Make sure your statement meets the school's word count requirements and other formatting criteria.