How Do You Format a Letter of Request?

The format of a request letter depends on if there is an incentive for the recipient to respond or not. A request letter should be no longer than two paragraphs, always open with an introduction and clearly state your request.

  1. Write a brief introduction

    The introduction is meant to introduce yourself and make the request. In a basic request letter, the introduction should be no more than one or two sentences long. In a more complex letter, such as one asking for donations, the introduction may take up an entire paragraph.

  2. Provide the necessary details of the request

    It is important to provide the recipient with any information that may help him understand what you are asking for. In a more complex request letter, it is important to weave persuasive sentences throughout the listing. When asking for more than three items or pieces of information, it is helpful to organize them into bullet points.

  3. Close with a call for action

    In the final paragraph, restate the request by setting a date by which you need a response and a reason for the deadline. When making a payment along with the request, it is important to state the details of the payment as well. Finally, date and sign the letter.