How Do You Format a Lesson Plan?


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While there is no single format for creating lesson plans, most plans include information about lesson goals, performance objectives and materials needed, as well as procedures and strategies to teach the lesson and evaluate student learning. Good lesson plans start by explicitly defining the objective, or what students learn or be able to do after the instructional experience is completed. Headings for main parts of a lesson plan include subject, objective, assessment, strategy, materials, procedures and evaluation.

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How Do You Format a Lesson Plan?
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Lesson plans are outlines of instruction for use by teachers and trainers to help guide the process of teaching. Good lesson plans should provide background information and explicit steps for teaching a topic to a particular student population. These plans define who the students are, what the lesson teaches and what strategy is used to teach new information.

The lesson plan format depends on the age of the students being taught, the environment where the class is taught and the subject of the lesson. For example, lesson plans for young children in a classroom may include details about how much time a teacher should allocate for each step or task. However, a lesson plan for self-paced instruction designed for adults may not need this information.

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