How Do You Format a Heading in MLA?

How Do You Format a Heading in MLA?

To format a heading for a college paper in MLA format, follow the general guidelines of MLA formatting such as the correct font, spacing, margins and using a header. After this is established, input the expected information including your name, instructor's name, the course, date and title.

  1. Set up the page

    Set the margins on all sides of the page to 1 inch. Format the page for double-spacing so that the cursor skips two lines down when you hit Enter.

  2. Set up your font

    Set your font at 12 point. Choose a font that is easy to read, preferably Times New Roman.

  3. Set up a header

    Set up a header, which is different from the heading. A header contains your last name and the page number, with one space between them. It appears at the top right-hand corner of the page. From the top, it should be 1.5 inches. From the right, it sits against the 1-inch margin already set for the document.

  4. Input your name, instructor's name, course and date

    In the upper left-hand of the page, within the 1-inch margin, type your first and last name. Two spaces down after your name, type the instructor's name. Two spaces down after the instructor's name, type the course. Two spaces down after the course, type the date.

  5. Input the title

    Move two spaces below the date, and then center the cursor in the middle of the paper. Type the title of the paper, using standard capitalization and no end punctuation. The title should not be italicized or different from the rest of the paper.