How Do You Format a Donation Letter?


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The format of a donation letter begins with a standard font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, with a 10- or 12-point size. The margins of the page should fit the company or personal letterhead or measure at least 1 inch all the way around.

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Start the letter by putting your address on the right-side corner of the page and the address of the recipient below it, with a space separating the two. After adding the recipient's address, leave a space and then type out the date that the letter was composed. Use a formal greeting to begin the body of the letter on the left side of the page.

The introduction should be clear and direct, explaining the specific donation request. Following this, give a brief personal description or an explanation of the type of company you are representing. Explain why you are seeking out the company or individual who is receiving the letter. If there is an event that corresponds to the donation, give specific details about the event and invite the company or individual to attend. Be conscious of how much you are asking for in relation to whom you are asking.

Provide additional information about the cause or individual before closing the letter. Include a deadline date for the donation, but ensure the recipient has at least two weeks between the date the letter is sent and the deadline date. Write out any important contact information, and commit to a follow-up call. End the letter with a closing line such as "I'm so excited to work with you on this," and then sign the document. Include any brochures or promotional materials in the envelope before mailing.

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