How Do You Format a Book Report?


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To format a book report, start with an introductory paragraph that summarizes the points you want to make in the report. Include information such as the title and author of the book, why you chose the book, and any relevant information concerning the book's publication, such as the date, place, publishing house or sales information.

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In the second section, discuss the characters in the book, starting with the main characters that move the story along. Give the reader an idea of the character's personality or physical traits that are important to the story. Move on to minor characters that appear in the story periodically but have important roles in how the book unfolds.

In the third section, discuss the plot of the story. Use examples of the narrative to support your view of the plot. Another option is to describe the theme the author presents or the tone he uses. Always back up your observation with a specific example or moment from the book.

End the book report with a strong conclusion that restates your main points but also discusses what you took away from the book. If required, evaluate the book based on what you think of the ending or the way the story moved. Compare how you felt about the book in the beginning to how you feel about it at the end.

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