What Is Florida State's Schedule?

What Is Florida State's Schedule?

Florida State University is one of the roughly 71 percent of colleges and universities operating on a "semester" system, where the academic year is divided into two equal terms. The Fall and Spring terms at the Tallahassee school each last approximately 16 weeks.

The Fall application deadline for incoming freshman students is in mid-January prior to the start of the term, which begins in late August. Transfer and graduate students must apply by July 1. Registration for currently enrolled and readmitted students begins in mid-March. The Fall semester includes a three-day interruption in November in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The application deadline for the Spring semester is usually on or around November 1. Registration for enrolled and readmitted students typically begins in mid-October. The Spring semester starts in early January, is closed on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and includes a week-long Spring Break in early March before concluding in late April or early May.

For both the Fall and Spring semesters, the end of the seventh week is the last day to drop courses without receiving a letter grade. Grades are typically due within four days of the conclusion of each semester and posted within five days.

A shortened Summer semester at the school runs for approximately 12 weeks; student applications must be received by March 1.

The important dates for each semester may be viewed by visiting the Office of the Registrar at the school website and selecting Academic Calendar from the Calendars link.