What Are Some Flat Stanley Activities for Kids?

What Are Some Flat Stanley Activities for Kids?


Some Flat Stanley activities for kids include having them create a scrapbook for the character's adventures, doing a penpal activity or writing a journal entry about an adventure with the character, suggests the Flat Stanley website. Teachers who want to test kids' comprehension of the books can use workbook activities with questions, such as those on the Super Teacher Worksheets website.

The scrapbook activity involves having kids make a Flat Stanley character out of paper, take the character on a fictional or real adventure and then create a scrapbook page dedicated to that adventure. The teacher can then take all the students' pages and make a full scrapbook.

The penpal activity involves having kids be penpals with students in another classroom and then making journal entries about their adventures with a Flat Stanley character made out of paper. The teacher later sends the Flat Stanleys and their journal entries to the other class, while the other class does the same.

Finally, the journal entry activity is similar to the scrapbook one, in that students write about their adventures with a Flat Stanley cutout; however, they also include photos of the adventure and complete the activity each weekend for the whole school year, states the Flat Stanley website.