What Are Some Five-Letter Words That Begin With Q?


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Some five-letter words that begin with the letter Q include "quack," "quail," "quake," "quart" and "queen." More obscure words that have five letters and begin with Q are "qualm," "quark," "queue," "quoin" and "quoit."

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A qualm refers to an uneasy feeling about someone's conduct. The word can also refer to a more general feeling of nervousness and fear. A quark is a hypothetical particle smaller than the components of an atom, which are thought to have a fractional electric charge. A queue is a line of people waiting their turns. This word is also used in computers to refer to a sequence of commands waiting to be executed, such as a queue of documents heading for a printer.

Quoin is an architectural term used to refer to an external solid angle, usually of a wall. It can also refer to the cornerstone that forms such an angle. Quoit, when used in this singular form, refers to a ring thrown at an upright peg with the objective of getting the ring around the peg.

Another five-letter word that begins with Q is "quirt," which is a short riding whip with braided leather. A quire is a measurement in printing, referring to a set of 24 sheets of paper. In card games, a quint is a sequence of five cards of the same suit. A quint is also an informal term applied to a quintuplet.

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