How Do First Graders Write Sentences?


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First graders learn to write sentences by building vocabulary skills, learning different sentence structures and practicing their use of high-frequency words. Sentences written by a first grader are typically simple, focusing on correct punctuation and capitalization as well as the spelling of simple sight words.

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A first grade student begins the task of writing sentences by learning how to recognize high-frequency words and words with similar spelling patterns. Throughout the year, the student expands on the high-frequency words that she must learn and practices them rigorously to memorize them. In addition, teachers instruct students on how to follow the writing process, from pre-writing and brainstorming ideas to creating a draft, revising and editing, and then producing the final draft.

A first grader should know how to write a paragraph consisting of a few simple sentences. A key focus of the first grade writing curriculum is handwriting quality, correct grammar usage as it pertains to verbs and plural nouns, and using the sounds of letters to sound out words with which the student is not familiar. Students build on their knowledge of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes to further learn how to sound out words, spell them and incorporate them into sentences.

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