How Do You Help a First-Grader With Reading?


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Parents of first graders can help their children improve their reading through tips such as taking turns reading, re-reading favorites, playing word games and practicing writing frequently. First grade is one of the most important times developmentally for children to enhance their reading skills.

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How Do You Help a First-Grader With Reading?
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In first grade, young readers typically learn valuable skills such as matching letters to sounds, seeing patterns in the spelling of words, and learning to correctly pronounce words.

Bedtime is a great opportunity to practice reading with a child while also creating a bonding experience between parent and child. Children can improve their reading by taking turns reading passages with their parents.

Encouraging children to re-read favorite books and poems allows them to see the same words repetitively. This helps children to develop internal word banks, allowing them to more easily recognize words in other contexts.

Playing word games with children is another way to build reading skills while also allowing parent-child bonding opportunities. Parents can spell out simple three-letter words and ask their children to sound them out, shifting to slightly different variations in order to illustrate the different sounds made by various letters.

Frequent writing can also help first graders to further develop their reading skills by allowing them to practice sound and letter patterns and fine-tune motor coordination.

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