How Do You Fill Out a Student Application for High School?


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The steps required to fill out a student application for high school vary depending on the specific schools chosen by the student. If applying to selected high schools, students will typically need to complete an online application and request various materials from their current school.

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The first step in determining how to complete your high school applications is to visit the websites of the specific schools to which you would like to apply. Many prep schools use standard online applications such as Gateway to Prep School. If your chosen schools are Gateway to Prep School members, you can apply for all of those schools using one standard application.

Although application procedures vary from school to school, most applications require students to complete a biographical information form and write a personal statement. Students also have an opportunity to describe their interests and hobbies, including sports, music and the arts. Certain high schools also require a school report that includes an official transcript as well as teacher recommendations, most often from the student’s math and English teachers. Many schools also require a parent statement, and there is usually an application fee. Students are typically encouraged or required to arrange a campus visit and schedule an interview.

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