How Do You Fill Out a Magnet School Application?

Write in all information clearly with complete answers per the application instructions. Verify the school requirements, application components, application procedure and deadlines for completing the paperwork to ensure the magnet school receives it promptly. Some schools may accept late applications, but spots may be limited after the deadline.

The application process varies from one magnet school to the next. Magnet schools are public schools, but they often have specific enrollment requirements and application procedures. A written application is often the basic requirement for consideration as a student at the school. Other schools may require an interview, audition or testing to complete the application process.

Review the process carefully before filling out the application. Districts with multiple magnet schools may allow potential students to fill out one application for multiple schools. Some districts ask candidates to fill out an online application. Others may use paper applications.

Accuracy is key when applying to a magnet school. Emphasize your child's strengths to increase her chances of being selected, but only include things that are true. The administrators may verify the information, so falsifying anything on the application may actually hurt the chances of being accepted. Reread everything included on the application before submitting it to ensure you don't miss anything or submit an error.