How Do You Find Fill-in-the-Blank Skeleton Worksheets?


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Fill-in-the-blank skeleton worksheets can be acquired from Activity Village, Boggles World and Biology Corner. The information required to complete these activities varies from worksheet to worksheet.

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Human skeleton worksheets come in three different varieties at Activity Village, all available in PDF format. The first printable gives a student a skeleton that has already been labelled. The second printable clues the student in using the first letter of the skeleton, while the third printable leaves the skeleton entirely unmarked.

Worksheets from Boggles World are available in DOCX format but ask for slightly different information. Again, one printable includes information for students to use as reference. Worksheets that are completely blank quiz the student for information on common names, such as collarbone. They also quiz the student for scientific names, such as clavicle.

Biology Corner also offers a printable for skeletons. Unlike Activity Village and Boggles World, the skeleton printable on Biology Corner is not available in an immediately printable format. It must also be found from among a larger set of general biology worksheets. The link to the chart opens a new webpage where the skeleton chart is included in a GIF image. This image can be copied and pasted from the browser into an open Word document and then printed.

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