How Is a Field Trip Permission Letter Usually Written?

A field trip permission letter is written by the teacher conducting a school excursion. The letter states the location and purpose of the trip and includes a consent form for the parent or guardian to sign.

  1. Address your letter

    The tone of the letter should be semi-formal. You can include a formal 'From' and 'To' section, but addressing the parents by name is not necessary.

  2. Include pertinent information

    Ensure that all relevant details of the trip are included in the letter. The date of the trip, time of departure, method of transportation and number of escorts should be clearly outlined in the letter. Provide contact information of at least two people in case of emergencies or delays. Also mention the items each child needs to bring for the trip and whether lunch is provided. Include your contact information in case parents have questions or concerns.

  3. Attach a consent form

    The lower portion of the letter should include a removable permission slip for the parent or guardian to sign and return to the teacher. Include blank lines for each parent's signature and name, as well as the child's name. Include the date by which the form must be returned to the school.