What fees apply to online courses at Motlow State Community College?


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Regular Motlow Online 2015-2016 course fees, called maintenance fees, are $152 per credit hour up to 12 credits and $30 for each hour above the first 12 for in-state students. Regents Online Degree in-state fees are $152 for every hour plus a Regents fee of $61 per credit hour.

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Out-of-state students pay an additional $475 tuition fee per credit hour up to 12 hours for regular Motlow Online courses and $95 for each credit hour above 12. For Regents courses, they pay both in-state fees plus the $475 tuition fee for each credit hour.

The credit hours for the two types of online courses are separate. An in-state student taking 14 regular online credit hours and 3 Regents course credit hours would pay ($152 x 12) + ($30 x 2) for the regular course credits and 3 x ($152 + $61) for the Regents hours.

Other Motlow Online course fees are a $20 access fee, a $6 student activity fee, a $12 international education fee and a $9 per credit hour technology fee. These are the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.

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