What Are Some Features of Tux Paint?


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Features of Tux Paint include compatibility with multiple platforms, a simplified and interesting interface, several drawing tools and multiple commands. Other features include translation parts, international character input, optional accessibility enhancements and parental-teacher control aids.

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Compatibility with different platforms ensures effective functioning of the Tux Paint program for users running different operating systems. The simple interface is significant in enhancing user interaction with varied drawing tools such as paintbrush, rubber brush and lining tools. The interface runs in small and large screens, as well as in portrait and landscape modes.

The Tux Paint program comes with entertaining features such as fun sounds that pop when tools are clicked. Additionally, the program features a cartoon character that gives users hints on how to use different tools. The program also allows users to save and print pictures through the command interface.

The Tux Paint program is translated into several languages to enhance user experiences in different countries. The program also features options to enter international characters for several languages, including Latin, Chinese and Korean. The program features optional accessibility enhancements such as the on-screen keyboard and joystick mouse control. Parental-teacher control aids help disable several parts such as paint, quit and sound options.

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