What Are Some Features of RightStart Math Products?


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The visual learning-oriented AL Abacus tool is the primary feature of RightStart's math products, and the curriculum focuses less on counting in favor of quantity visualization. The program reinforces math concepts through math card games rather than through review worksheets. The programs are adaptable for classroom and home school use.

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The AL Abacus learning tool focuses on kinesthetic and visual learning to students, particularly through its grouping of five and tens to provide rapid quantity visualization. Children can use the beads on the abacus to learn adding and subtracting. Students also use transparent number naming to learn place value. The program utilizes both a mastery and spiral approach to math.

The program's math games both train students in automatic responses and applying new math concepts. Math games cover number sense, clock time, multiplication, money and other basic topics. Students play along with cards and the abacus.

RightStart's homeschool math curriculum is not set to grade, but to learning levels, and so enables children to progress at their own learning pace. The classroom curriculum is usually set to grade levels. The RightStart website provides a placement test for parents and teachers to gauge their children/students' levels. Topics vary from basic math to algebra, statistics and geometry.

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