What Are Some Features of a PowerSchool Teacher Gradebook?

What Are Some Features of a PowerSchool Teacher Gradebook?

PowerSchool gradebooks feature lists of all classes, rosters, student demographic information, grading periods, rubrics and grades scales. Data appears in real time, providing parents, students and administrators with instant visibility of assignments, scores, grades, comments and progress toward each standard.

Useful tools that PowerSchool provides teachers include seating charts, parent/guardian contact information and emergency/medical and health management.

Teachers can copy and paste assignments to different course sections. They are able to categorize assignments while assigning different weights to each assignment type. Percentages and final grades calculate automatically, and the teacher can enter comments for individual assignments and final grades.

Teachers may choose to display all assignments and grades instantly or change the settings to display feedback and work on a particular day of the week. Features such as attendance, discipline management and reporting, and daily class schedules with grades help educators monitor individual students.

PowerSchool allows for multiple people to have access to gradebooks. There is a separate substitute teacher login for attendance recording. Dual access for co-teaching and collaborative classrooms is also available. Administrators may access any gradebook at any time. Those with access can print reports and export data for use in other mediums.

PowerSchool is accessible via the Internet and does not require a particular network. It is easily accessible from mobile devices.