What Features Are Offered to Gold Members of Teaching Strategies?

What Features Are Offered to Gold Members of Teaching Strategies?

Members of Teaching Strategies Gold have access to research summaries, online portfolios, assessment reports and color-coded progressions of development and learning. Learning Strategies Gold is an assessment program appropriate for children from birth to kindergarten.

One feature of Learning Strategies Gold is the ongoing assessment guide. Ongoing assessment with this program is based on observation of daily activities. This type of assessment allows teachers to help children meet and achieve learning goals. It also offers a broad picture of the child's development.

Part of the assessment guide is the color-coded progression. The rubrics include color-coded bands from red to purple that indicate which developmental age level a behavior indicates. Red indicates birth to 1 year, while purple indicates kindergarten. For example, the rubric shows that a child who joins in with rhyming songs is at the orange level of development. Orange indicates 1 to 2 years of age.

Teaching Strategies Gold includes several reports and reporting options. Interactive reports indicate widely held expectations for each level in terms of performance and growth. Planning reports provide class profiles, individual profiles, snapshots of learning, comparative guides and growth reports. The software also generates reports for families that show the development and learning of an individual child.

The program includes links for teachers to set up student portfolios. Teaching Strategies Gold also includes links to research summaries providing information about assessment strategies.