What Are Some Features of MyLabsPlus?

What Are Some Features of MyLabsPlus?

Some of the features of MyLabsPlus are diagnostic placement, advanced reporting, course administration and batch enrollment. Pearson's service team provides proactive support to clients, and there are a number of purchase options.

MyLabsPlus has placement exams that cover writing, reading and mathematics. Students can take these diagnostic placement tests and get results immediately to assess their skills and identify subject areas in which they need to improve. School departments can customize these exams to meet their specific needs.

MyLabsPlus has an advanced reporting feature that allows instructors to track the student's performance on tests, tutorials and assignments. This helps instructors assess students' strengths and weaknesses. The course administration feature helps instructors copy, manage and create courses. The administrator can access the content and manipulate it to suit the particular course.

The batch enrollment feature connects to the school's information systems and allows the administrators to easily enroll a large batch of students. Administrators can use this feature to create login credentials for students, and instructors can use the feature to distribute information so that students begin classes on the first day.

The school's departments get training on how to use this system's administrator tools. The client receives reliable and frequent support to ensure everything runs smoothly. Pearson's developers can also convert courses from the school's existing management system to MyLabsPlus. The students can purchase an access kit in the bookstore, which they use to access MyLabsPlus. Pearson can also bill the institution for each student enrolled.