What Are Some Features of the McGraw-Hill Connect Program?


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The McGraw-Hill Connect program is a online study program that includes chapter quizzes, an e-book and an interactive learning tool. It is available with certain McGraw-Hill textbooks, including both physical books and e-books.

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The McGraw-Hill Connect program attempts to meet the needs of diverse study behaviors and preferences through a variety of customizable learning features. It aims to make teaching and learning more efficient, improving students' information retention while saving students and instructors time.

On the students' side, the Connect program provides students with personalized reports and immediate feedback on areas to improve, as well as unlimited practice opportunities. The Connect program also features a game-like interface, interactive learning content, and visual progress indicators to encourage students' use of the program. Case studies have found that students using the Connect program are more engaged in the course, are better prepared for class, and achieve better academic results.

The Connect program is also customizable for instructors, enabling them to design courses and teaching methods to suit their classes. Some of its included teaching tools are lecture capture software, an integrated e-book and adaptive learning technology. Instructors can also receive detailed reports and analysis on students' progress. Both students and teachers receive with support from Connect digital faculty consultants to enhance the learning and teaching process.

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