What Features Are Included in the Ventures ESL Program?

The Ventures English as a second language adult education program is a standards-based program featuring topic-specific units, each containing six clearly defined lessons formatted for clarity and ease of use by the student. The program teaches vocabulary and language skills in the context and settings of daily life: school, work, family and community. Student books, Ventures Basic and Ventures 1 through 4, are built around real-life themes, such as shopping, leisure and health.

At each level students focus on the functions of language, listening and speaking, vocabulary and grammar in the context of these themes. Other featured themes are school, friends and family, and personal information. Lessons include vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking, and writing. The guided process used in writing lessons includes pre-writing, writing and peer review. Pre-writing exercises focus on reducing students' anxiety, while the intent of peer review is creating the real-life experience of accountability.

The Ventures teachers' edition features teaching tips for each unit and guidance for facilitating and maintaining student engagement. It also includes options for expanding lessons from one to three hours and provides community-building activities. Downloadable resources for teachers include picture dictionary flashcards, tests, life skills and other worksheets, and student self-assessment pages. Ventures ESL is a program of the Cambridge University Press.